Each second we live is a new unique moment,

a moment that will never happen again

Hi, I’m Tex, a creative portrait photographer specialising in family, newborn, dance and dog photography throughout Moray and the Highlands.

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.”


As your photographer, I’m always looking for the perfect balance between professionalism and fun. My studio in Forres is a great place to get comfortable with posing – but if you prefer the great outdoors we’ll take off on an adventure!

Whether you want scenic views or urban chic shots, there are many locations in the North of Scotland that will make your day special. And if the weather isn’t cooperating? We can shoot your pictures indoors at my photography studio so you’re never sacrificing quality just because of bad luck with Mother Nature.

I strive to ensure that my photoshoots are relaxed, natural and fun meaning that I create beautiful images of you and your loved ones.

My images are more than photographs: they’re memories that will become priceless with time. Please take a look at my website and if you would like me to work on capturing these memories for you then head over to our contact page


Whether it’s just the kids or everyone our photoshoots are always a fun and enjoyable experience.

Our sessions are designed to bring out the best in everyone – there are no rules that say adults have to look serious all the time.


The moments with our babies are undoubtedly precious and in the blink of an eye, they’re gone. Yet you don’t need to worry because we aim to create beautiful portraits for you so that these priceless memories will never be forgotten!


From baby ballerinas to those older dancers looking to showcase their talents we can create stunning images.

Regardless of age or experience level, the dancer themselves are what make for an interesting portrait.

Combine the passion for dance and a mastery of light and imagination and you are guaranteed to have portraits that create emotion.


Your four-legged friends are a true reflection of your personality.

At Highland Dreams Photography, we aim to capture the essence and spirit of your canine companions in an authentic way. Our images will frame their individual personalities and quirks just as they truly are.





An experienced photographer based in Moray, known for capturing creative images with meticulous attention to detail.




A mother of three and experienced midwife Joanne ensures that all our shoots are fun, safe and COVID-secure.

we are creative


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