Newborn Baby Photography

Session Costs

You can make your baby’s photoshoot experience a one-of-a kind affair.

From the time you call to book, all the way through post processing and delivery of images, we are committed to providing an unparalleled newborn baby photography service tailored specifically for them.

One thing that sets us apart is how much detail goes into capturing their essence in our photos: from baby fat rolls to freckles on their nose; everything about who they are shines through beautifully when captured by us.

We like to make it clear from the outset how much you will be paying and what you get for your investment with us!

I’ve been a professional photographer for over 6 years, and I absolutely love what I do. Nobody likes when you feel pressured to buy anything that they can’t afford or don’t want – so please let me know if there is any pressure at all.

The most important thing you are investing in is actually my skill as a qualified photographer! It takes time, effort and training to be able to produce the beautiful pictures that will hang on your walls after our viewing session has finished. But rest assured: nobody needs worry about being under pressure or feeling like they have no other choice but purchase something because of it’s price tag alone; we’ll go over everything with an open mind together first before making any decisions (including whether one chooses not to invest).

Newborn Photography Session

A telephone consultation so that we can plan your session, and tailor it to your desire.

 Up to 3 hour studio portrait session (we go at baby’s pace so the length of the session varies. There is no rush).

Gallery of up to 30 beautifully enhanced images to select from

A Zoom or in person viewing and ordering session – 1 to 2 weeks after the photoshoot

Shoot Fee: £125

Please note that the session fee doesn’t include any digital images, prints or products; these are purchased afterwards at your ordering appointment.

You don’t need to commit to any packages or products until you’ve seen your photographs.

To give you an idea of total costs, our clients spend anything from £250 to £750 on their newborn photography.


Money Back Guarantee

Choosing the right photographer for you and your loved ones is a big decision so you want to make sure that the choice you make is the right one.

I am confident that you will fall in love with the images I capture for you; in the unlikely event that you don’t love them I will refund your session fee to you in full.

You do not need to commit to any collections or products until the viewing session.

Let’s Plan Your Newborn Shoot

If you'd like to make a booking or ask a question about newborn photoshoots you can get in touch here.

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